About Yuhina

Yuhina, a Jiutamai dancer since 2004. When she was a stage actress, she was fascinated by period dramas.

Japanese dance is essential for the dramas, so she started to learn Jiutamai.

It’s based on the movement of nature of human beings, so as acting. That’s why I was into it and I believe anyone can enjoy the dance. Through cultural experiences of dance wearing Yukata, you can feel your spine stretched out and your heart would calm down. Feel Japanese traditional beauty with the heart!

I’ve been organized dance workshop and some events to share the traditional performing arts to foreigners.


What we’ll do

Let’s wear a yukata on your own first.
No worries! I will show you how to wear it.

Then I will talk about the history of Jiutamai.
It has been completed while being strongly influenced by Noh, and one of the kind of Japanese dance which Maiko and Geiko dance around in the some part of red-light district in Kyoto.


Mai has the characteristic that shapes and minds progress almost at the same time, that “Movement of the heart” precedes and creates the shape of Mai.
This is because “fundamental movement of human beings” is the basic principle, compared with dancing which must be shaped first, such as “Japanese dance” and “classical ballet”, even if you do not do physical training, You can enjoy enough from the beginning.
Also I will show you how to use a fan, how to bow and walk beautifully.
During the workshop, you can learn how to link your mind movement to your physical movement. You can be kimono beauty.

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